TLC "Uralsky"

years on the market
6 000
70 000
tractors in operation
container terminals
container trains per week
TLC "Uralsky"

The largest transport and logistics multimodal center in the Urals with high-tech railway and terminal and warehouse infrastructure.

Uralsky TLC provides the entire range of terminal services, warehouse logistics, customs clearance and phytosanitary control. Specializes in proccessing all types of containerized cargo arriving in Yekaterinburg.

Repair of container trains and uncoupling repair of platforms are organized on the territory of the terminal.

Uralsky TLC is located far from the zone of active development of passenger railway traffic in the immediate vicinity of key transport routes. In the future, due to its favorable geographical location, it is planned to use the terminal to provide international transport.

The project processing capacity of Uralsky TLC is 600,000 TEU per year with a full project development period in 2024.

By 2030, the turnover of a qualitatively new hub should reach 30 million tons per year.

Transport accessibility of the Uralsky terminal:

4 km to Yekaterinburg Ring Road

2 km to Berezovsky highway

10 km to the Siberian highway

2 km to Koltsovsky highway

23 km to Serovsky highway

30 km to R-242 (Perm - Yekaterinburg)

  • Reference railway station - Apparatus of the Sverdlovsk Railway (branch of Russian Railways)
  • Area - more than 131 ha
  • Processing capacity - 600,000 TEU / year
  • Front of loading/unloading containers to/from railway transport - 4 (length 1050 m)
  • Reception and delivery railway tracks - 4 (length 1050 m)
  • Stand railway tracks in accumulation and sorting parks – 10
  • Availability of modern loading equipment
  • Electrified railway fleet of full container trains
  • Specialized technological parking lots for trucks waiting for loading and unloading
  • Electrified area for refrigerated containers