Domestic transportation

The main transport hubs of domestic transportation are Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk.

Realization of shipments

Shipping is carried out from the ports of Vladivostok (Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, Vladivostok Marine Container Terminal, Pacific Logistics and Vladivostok Sea Port Pervomaisky) and Eastern Stevedoring Company by existing train services to Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and other destinations.

By our own train service we carry out dispatches of both foreign trade goods and GRP, from the Uglovaya station (Union Terminal) and the Ugolnaya station (Fresh Terminal) to Moscow (Elektrougli station).

Regular train services

From Moscow:

to Yekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg-Tovarnaya station) - 2.5 days travel — 2 trains per week

to Omsk (Karbyshevo station 1) – 3.5 days travel — 1 train per week

to Novosibirsk (Seyatel station) – 4.5 days travel — 3 trains per week

to the Far East – 12 days travel — 4 trains per week

from the Far East from the Far East to Moscow - 12 days travel — 3 trains per week

years on the market
6 000
70 000
tractors in operation
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